About me

Welcome, my name is Željko Minić. I’m Software Architect at New Frontier Group, former Saga and this is my blog. All content and opinions on this blog are my own, they have nothing to do with company I work for.

My current position is Software Architect at New Frontier Group, banking and finance division. I’m working on online banking and portal technology software. Currently our online banking software is powering two major banks in Serbia, Raiffeisen bank and Banca Intesa. Online banking software is built upon our portal technology software named “Holos” which is all about user context and widgets. I’m involved in overall system architecture but mainly working as a web developer.

I was also a speaker at Microsoft Sinergija showcasing portal technology software.

Before Saga I worked for Asseco SEE as a web developer responsible for online loan approval application. I also worked as a PHP developer for small Dutch company, working on content management application and payment gateways.

I’m specialized for Microsoft .NET platform, ASP.NET, C# and JavaScript and I’m also trying to keep up with all software industry related tools and technologies. After a few years working with JavaScript, and building few large single page web applications, I can call myself a JavaScript guru. I tend to pay attention to the smallest details when it comes to coding patterns and practices.

I’m also a passionate fantasy book reader, technology geek and father of two beautiful girls.