In the previous post I wrote about importance of having personal projects as part of stretching your limits strategy. In this post I'm following my own tips and do something totally different from my everyday work - build a game. more

Posted on November 8th 2012 , tags: javascript, programming, games, minesweeper

Recently I was asked to give a talk about working in the IT industry for the first year students. I was asked to represent our company (Saga) at technical level and after intensive thinking about the subject for presentation I came up with six tips for faster advancement in IT industry. more

Posted on November 3rd 2012 , tags: IT, career

If you don’t pay attention to an application architecture at the beginning you are likely to end up with a complex product that is hard to extend and maintain. A problem often overlooked is the proper management of cross-cutting concerns. more

Posted on September 20th 2012 , tags: c#, patterns & practices, programming

I’m a big fan of Dependency Injection pattern since it allows me to create more testable, maintainable and loosely coupled components. While it is easy to apply this pattern if you’ve seen some code samples you need more time to understand principles and terms around this pattern. In this article I will try to illustrate differences between those terms and explain how they come to work together. more

Posted on September 13th 2012 , tags: c#, patterns & practices, programming